“Mrs. Kaila has helped me better understand Math and Science concepts. She’s also helped me with improving my study skills with materials like flash cards and quizlet."


- Chase Stegall



“I have learned so much from Mrs. Caldwell and she is a wonderful teacher, she has a calm, logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me, I am confident to implement new techniques and Algebra has become much clearer. I went from a failing grade to a B+ in my final grade the 1st semester of 2017."


- Christopher Hall



“My tutoring experience with Mrs. Caldwell was very helpful for my math class. She explains each step and the process on how to do each problem. When you are still struggling with a problem she gives you practice for homework so you will have a good concept on what you're doing. With her help, she will bring up your math grade too. When you have Mrs. Caldwell for your tutor she will make your worst subject (math) into your best subject. That’s why she is the best tutor you can ever have.”


- Paige Holcromb

"What do you do when your scholar is failing pre-calculus four weeks before graduation?  I was faced with that dilemma this past April.  My husband an I were at our wits end.  Feeling frustrated I turned to a friend who recommended Kaila Caldwell.  By the time we connected he had failed three of his required lessons and was in jeopardy of failing the class.  Kaila, being a consummate professional explained her expectations for the sessions and began the tedious process of getting him to first understand that there are no shortcuts, and that he would have to do the work; all of the work!  It took a minute, but with her counsel and firm approach to learning (not accepting his shortcuts or excuses), he was able to change his habits and became fully engaged.  Every lesson thereafter he passed.  His mid-term and final exams he passed with 81 and 90 percent respectively.  We were elated!  Need I say the kid passed the class.

I am extremely happy that we found Above Average Tutoring and Kaila Caldwell, and would recommend her services to anyone in need of a tutor or if you’re just interested in giving your scholar an edge.

Thank you Kaila - you have a fan for life."

- S. Watts

“Kaila is an invaluable partner and resource in ensuring our son’s academic success! We have seen significant improvement in his Math and Science test scores and his ability to independently leverage study tools."


- Milt Stegall 



“My son (Jermaine) and I met Mrs. Caldwell aka The Math Genius three (3) years ago. Jermaine was a rising 3rd grader at the time. Although he was passing math he wasn't understanding the concepts. I knew I had to get him additional help in order for him to be successful. So I contacted a friend and they led me to Mrs. Caldwell! Jermaine instantly liked her. Week after week she built his confidence, taught him strategies and always pushed him to think and go the extra mile! Now Jermaine is currently in the 5th grade with a B in Math. People ask me all the time ... "since Jermaine is passing math now why do you still continue to get him tutoring." And I simply tell them ... what Mrs. Caldwell gives my son each week his regular teachers cannot. One on one instruction, listening to him and truly caring about his education journey! We simply love ❤️ HER!!!! .”


- LaTisha Johnson



“Our son Christopher was struggling and failing math. He was extremely frustrated that he was having difficulty understanding Algebra.  Our solution was to get him some help, find him a tutor. We asked around and discovered that one of our church members was a math instructor.   We approached her, Kaila Caldwell, and asked her if she did any tutoring.  She informed us that she does tutor students in math.  She agreed to tutor Christopher and so far Christopher has gone from failing to maintaining a B+ average.  Her teaching style has reached our son and we are extremely pleased with the results.  We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a math tutor."


- Charles and LaDebra Hall



“Mrs. Caldwell was, and is, the perfect fix to my daughter's deficits in Math. She’s more than a tutor, she’s apart of my village! If it takes a village to raise a child, she truly is one! She works to ensure every aspect of understanding is tapped into, speaking with teachers in the school, giving follow up/next steps on tutoring sessions, or just simply checking up on her students, even when she isn’t employed. She truly cares and has built my daughters confidence in Math, and most importantly under Mrs. Caldwell’s guidance, my child was passing 8th grade Math! ”


— Candice Greenidge